A tour around Westcott, Jack Anziani’s terminus station.  Modelled in 7mm scale, it plays host to a marvellous collection of rolling stock and road vehicles.  All the trackwork has been renewed lately including the tramlines while I added a full backscene.  A good deal of scenic reworking has also been done of late including the addition of a few trees.  The layout is featured in Model Rail magazine No232, as well as a gallery feature on ‘Let’s go Loco’

This is one of my favourite views of Westcott because it’s uncluttered, and this particular feature portrays the branch line as it looked in the early days of the L.M.S.R. The local passenger train has an ex L.N.W.R. Webb 0-6-2T, which was built at Crewe in 1901. Chris Nevard.

No 5005 pulls into the main platform, there will eventually be a pair of these 2-4-0s and I’m looking forward to seeing them double heading. Original by Chris Nevard.



Webb 0-6-2T No 6919 waits for the single line at Westcott. The 2P-F locomotive was built at Crewe in 1901. Original by Chris Nevard.

Liverpool four wheeler on the demo track.



Weighbridge office and cobbled level crossing approach.

Patriot No 5501 ‘St Dunstans’ was one of the first examples to be rebuilt from ‘Claughton’ components in 1930. The large diameter driving wheel bosses are clearly visible from the original locomotive, and the engine was originally No 5902 ‘Sir Frank Ree’.


517bw westcott

G.W.R. 517 class 0-4-2T No1430 running around the station loop. The engine was built by Malcolm Mitchell from his own kit and painted/lined in early livery with Indian red frames by Alan Brackenborough. The station building is based on St Alban’s LNWR branch but without the track covering canopy. It was made by Peter Smith of Kirtley Models, who also built Westcott’s engine shed.

DSC_0017 copy

An unusual tender detail, this is from a Fowler 7F 0-8-0 on shed.


LNWR “Jumbo” LMS no 5005 “Pitt” build by Jack from a Mercian kit sitting outside Westcott engine shed for coaling and water. There is another Jumbo to be built so that they can double head as they often did in service during LNWR days. Richard Chetland

jack open

An open top Stockport four wheeler on the demonstration line. Westcott is permanent, but the trams can be seen running along this portable demo section at some of the exhibitions in the south.

jack pics

This 1933 Crewe built Stanier mogul only carried it’s early five figure number for a year, soon becoming 2963. With it’s narrow Fowler tender It just fits on the Westcott table. The single line runs past the shed, and can be seen just above the loco bufferbeam.


A short stretch of Westcott runs with a background of open countryside, and a lane climbs alongside the line to turn right and cross over the rails on a girder bridge

jack jub

Stanier Jubilee No 5686 easing onto the turntable. Built at Crewe 1936, it was named St Vincent from new, and lasted until the final few years of steam. This model is a Lee Marsh limited batch, and like most Westcott locos, it looks great with a quality weathering job.


There were hundreds of these, all milling about in major cities and towns at the turn of the last century. To see a fascinating clip of a tram ride, looking over the driver’s cap as it threads it’s way through the packed centre of Sheffield, click the link below.




A three carriage local service train serves Westcott, with a choice of LMS tank locomotives. The fully lined and panelled vehicles are in 1930s condition, and here the first one crosses the road behind a Stanier 2-6-4T.

west 17

From the collection, this is a William Adams 415 class ‘Radial’ 4-4-2T. Built in 1882, No 420 was intended for London’s suburban services, but was turned out by Beyer Peacock to take some of the strain away from the LSWRs overstretched locomotive department.


Diorama retainig wall

A slightly shabby layered townscape is visible behind the station.


jack fs

A Webb 17 inch ‘Coal Tank’ is coaled and watered, Three hundred of these were made at Crewe between 1891 to 1897, the 17 actually referring to the bore diameter of the pair of inside cylinders.

west ret

Tractors and farm implements are stored in a recent addition to the scenic work, as the line travels from town to country.


A 1906 Crewe built Webb 2-4-2T on shed. It would soon be withdrawn as more modern Stanier types became available. This locomotive had a saturated 150 lb boiler and Allan straight link valve gear for its two inside cylinders.

west 1

A Webb 0-6-2T shunting a pick up goods, with a wonderfully tired looking single verandah brake van No 1446.


No 502, a Manchester 4 wheeler rests briefly in the loop opposite the bay platform. This photogenic model was built by Mike Edge, and painted & lined by Ian Rathbone.


Set in the late 1930s era, the layout is unusually served by tramlines, and with a loop behind the station building, a number of trams can be run at the same time. No 939 is a Liverpool Liner.


SS saloon

2 1/2 litre jaguar SS saloon.

LMS Delivery

Hand sign written L.M.S. Parcels van.

Westcott tram2

A Liverpool liner trims the grass between the rails as it progresses away under the girder bridge. The wing wall of the bridge is part of the recently added backscene panel, with the roadway above also becoming an integral part of this 3D landscape.

bw tram

Manchester 4 wheeler again in B/W.

10 000

A pair of 1947 Ivatt L.M.S. diesel electrics reside at Westcott, the forerunners of the English Electric Class 40s. The sound system on these is authentic, and includes the starter motor!