Cabinet dioramas

These case inserts will be available on Lee Marsh’s website, and at exhibitions, for displaying engines both large and small.


This is the only one I have left, so the details remainĀ on the ‘for sale’ page.


It is a single line version, and an O gauge Stirling single gives an idea of display scale.


I can make Bristol Old Station in any period to order, butĀ let me know a bit in advance.

Baulks 1

This case insert had to be converted back to dual gauge for the 1880s period.


Between the wars with no platform edging cover, grey finials, and lighter cream with soot!


A short section of embankment, broken by an occupation bridge.

4mm fence

The bridge is scratchbuilt with Wills sheet, and it uses forced one point perspective.

lee cab

A section of retaining wall, with a double track display area below and industrial buildings above.

Met 27 2

A Metropolitan Railway ‘A’ class condensing tank locomotive on a double track cabinet insert.

met 27 3