Commercial Products

Reproduction Lamp Post

Detail views of lantern head with canopy, and standard base casting

A commission to design and produce a Victorian street lantern & standard to allow pallet transport from a manufacturer in Abu Dhabi. Original standards are often in cast iron, and in full height, therefore heavy and awkward to transport. They can rarely be found in matching sets and have no safety certification. The cast alloy reproduction lamp pictured here solved all these problems and incorporated an efficient modern SON type lamp and necessary control equipment fitted into an access panel in the base casting.

Once it received design approval, I hand crafted all the casting patterns from obechi hardwood, and dispatched them to the manufacturer abroad.  Upon the delivery of the prototype product the lamp was exhibited at the NEC lightshow, and subsequently examined by an accredited safety test establishment to attain its European safety certificate (which I still proudly keep a copy of !). The product was then numbered, catalogued and photographed for marketing & publicity at the lovely Fennes hotel near Braintree, Essex.


IRIS/Pedagog Security Camera Body


This brief outlined a design requirement for the casings for a cellphone compatible camera. The PCB layout had already progressed to a near final stage, and this dictated the basic configuration of the product. With tight deadlines within the development schedule, my responsibility was to evolve a design, and produce a mock-up product for photography and presentation purposes. I then provided a set of engineering elevation drawings of each casing component for scanning into a CAD program. All the photos are of the supplied mock-up product, including the press release article picture!

Appliance Installation Ramp


This is an invention that I came up with some time ago now, but the whole invention culture is so corrupt and un-navigable that I can’t be bothered wading through all the associated B.S. Pity