For Sale

If anybody would like to take on and finish Whitchurch Road, please do get in touch via the contact page and we can talk about it. I just can’t find the time at the moment with so many things on the go. There are four scenic 5×3 foot boards, but the last one needs some finishing work. It would go in a double length garage or a 30ft shed with a curved fiddleyard at each end, or you maybe could make a loop for it instead. A few pictures follow here as a reminder, but just see the rest of the details here… 

View over platforms.

This O gauge case diorama features a stretch of single line on a low embankment, surrounded by woodland. The header picture shows the full 750mm width, and it will accommodate a small locomotive with a carriage or pick up goods as a display subject. Contact me from the menu and give me a call if you like the look of it.

This view of the case diorama has a G.W.R. Castle taking the stage to give an idea of the scale. The case has a completely clear upper cover and a gloss black base, and would suit a collector of 7mm scale branch line stock.

Kings College Cambridge print

Kings College Chapel and the Senate House in Cambridge is small gouache study, looking north along Kings Parade. This is how the famous college appeared around 1900 so the iron railings have now gone and some trees have grown, but otherwise the aspect is hardly any different today.

Morris 1000 A3 Prints

These have been done by a colleague of mine, so just contact me and I’ll forward your inquiry.

 Trees & Foliage

Cover pic retouch

Trees of different scales can be combined into the same scene like this to help introduce an illusion of distance.

I always keep a number of trees in stock, both relief backscene types and fully modelled versions. If you think they would suit your style please give me a call or email me with some size sketches and type and colour reference.

tree book

A Summer tree


Winter lineside bushes

crop tree



Skies, Trees & Backscenes 01

Bare tree structure



Primrose Hill Tunnel, Chalk Farm

A bell was rung to warn of an approaching train, and another to confirm a cleared line.

The details and research that went into this gouache colour painting can be found in the ‘paintings’ section, It has a simple frame, and is arranged with a border and coats of arms.

Daimler V8 Cutaway


In pencils on board, this drawing was taken directly from an original engine.

Wooden framed wagon

This privately owned colliery wagon probably dates from the 1870s


Measured and drawn from an original colliery wagon at Ellesmere Port.


The free rotation requires a width of 170cm, and it needs 90cm of headroom.
It comes complete with control system for UK power supply of 230v AC.
Please do be aware that It is not an accurate instrument, it serves as decoration and is only at a prototype stage.

See the personal projects section for more photo details and a movie.