1937 Ford coupe

This was a commission from a drag racer who wanted to step up from a 37 Ford coupe competing in the Super Gas category (9.90 seconds or slower) up to a Pro Modified entry.  The new car was also to be a ’37 Ford coupe, but it’s shape and dimensions had to be altered to suit the very different requirements.

The Art Deco 1937 body shape was formed from a skeleton of welded 10mm tubing onto a mockup chassis with the correct wheelbase and equipment, including a 630 cu in Chevrolet V8.

A couple of variants of the body eventually made it to the racetrack, although not quite to the original plan!  Such is Drag Racing.

A testing session for the car at Santa Pod Raceway, all that noise comes from a 3000 horsepower supercharged Hemi.  It will power the car from a standing start to the end of the dragway in six seconds, while racing a competitor alongside at the same time


A slightly different version exists, also supercharged, but with a Kenny Coleman built small block Chevrolet and a more colourful paint scheme.