Land speed streamliner


Bonneville re -touch


As part of a team attempting a class land speed record for sub 2 litre diesel type engines, I designed this car with a tubular chassis, and a thick composite body mounted onto formers. Over zealous weight saving is not recommended with these cars, so long as there is sufficient power to accelerate the car to full speed for the measured mile, they carry ballast to help steady the vehicle at speed and add adhesion weight for traction on the loose salt surface.  The ethanol burning four cylinder engine would require a large turbocharger, and an intercooler with a nitrous oxide discharge.  The discharge port for this system is visible, protruding through the top rear panel to one side of the stabilising tail fin, with the turbocharger exhaust collector exiting to the other side. A difficulty with attracting sponsors is a common problem nowadays, and this obstacle has prevented much further progress to date.


Side views of body; the screen is a reprofiled Top Fuel dragster item.


Rear view with tail fin & single braking chute, Front View of fairing panels.