Community Feedback

I’ve been lucky enough to get some very kind and encouraging feedback from the model railway community, and I appreciate the support.

Here are a few of the comments….

Direct contact, with a diorama doing it's job for a manufacturer at a show.

Direct contact, with a diorama doing it’s job for a manufacturer at a show.

Missenden Spring Weekend

MARM_logo (1)

Thank you all for the time and hard work that you all put into making the weekend so enjoyable. 

We welcome Paul Bambrick and Mick Moignard to our merry band of tutors. Both made significant contributions to the weekend, and earned accolades from our learners. We are very fortunate to be able to attract tutors of this calibre.

john cart 1

John Turner’s weekend project at Missenden Abbey.

Pendon Museum Weekend Course

Pendon-LogoAnother great day at a Pendon workshop

As I fed back to Paul, I had an excellent day and really enjoyed the workshop. I certainly learnt a lot. I am inspired and that is down to the expert teaching, advice and patience. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you again and learning more on the 17th May. Well done!

Kind regards


Posted 25 May 2013

Thank you David (and Ant) for creating one of the most outstanding shows; although busy it wasn’t too crowded; an excellent viewing and buying environment.

Bucks Hill’s backscene is a whole new level; truly stunning and I don’t think Buckjumper or I will be the only one to come away with snaps of it.

Andy Y

Posted 25 May 2013

So this is Bucks Hill (GWR 1930’s) in 7mm. Who needs trains when you’ve got views like this? You get drawn into the ambience of the place and then realise there’s gentle birdsong and the distant sound of a hammer on an anvil in the forge to add to the sensory mix. None of the sounds are too overpowering – walk a few feet away from the layout and the sound has gone. Both Heyside and Bucks Hill were perfect examples of how sound should be presented in an exhibition environment. Wish I had taken my DSLR though.


Posted 27 May 2013

I woudn’t normally do a 380 mile round trip for a day visit to an exhibition, but the prospect of seeing Bucks Hill with a backscene wasn’t something I was going to miss…And what a backscene it was. The blending of 2D and 3D certainly takes things to a new level, and added greatly to an already good layout.

Re 6/6


Posted 25 May 2013

Just home from Railex, and had a great helping out on Tucking Mill. This was my first Railex, and I found the standard of the layouts to be extremely high, the pinnacle of which (for me) was the fabulous ‘Bucks Hill’. The scenery work is outstanding and the forced perspective is easily the most convincing I’ve ever seen on a layout. I was particularly taken with the distant town scene.

Tom E

Posted 26 May 2013

I have to agree with everyones kind words on this fabulous show that seemed like an unofficial Rmweb members day at times with meeting people during my time there who have become friends through my layout thread to people whose work I admire.

Bucks Hill was my standout as I knew it would be. Very much liked that backscene everyone’s talking about.


Posted 26 May

Here are a few of my photos. I make no apologies for majoring on Bucks Hill, which must surely have won the “most photgraphed” accolade for the weekend. Strongly scenic layouts, particularly those in a rural setting, tend to be the preserve of the smaller scales, not O. Clearly, space is an issue at the larger scale, but it often seems to be the case that the ethos of O is to focus on the railway rather than the setting. Bucks Hill, though, breaks that convention in stunning style. The use of low relief is common in urban settings, but Bucks Hill makes effective use of it not just for buildings but also for natural features such as trees and hedges. And the forced perspective (often allied with low relief) works well, too.


This year over the weekend of the 25th/26th of May the judges at Railex 2013 were all the other layouts that voted for what they considered to be the best. The outcome for Best Layout was Bucks Hill by Kevin Wilson.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADavid Powell RDMRC Club President (right) congratulating Kevin Wilson.


railex2011The 2011 Railex Best Model Award was kindly awarded to me by Gordon and Maggie Gravett

Awards Photographs by Anthony Mead.