Moses Plat

An impressive 7mm scale permanent layout runs around either side of a wide loft area.  Double tracked, with many busy sidings it is fully automatic, with DCC locomotive  and D.M.U. sound.  At the return loops either end the environment is open country, while the long runs along the sides are more built up with roads and buildings.  A quick tour of some features and rolling stock hardly does it justice.

Moses diesels

A good many diesels run on Moses Plat, A Hymek and a DMU are seen here in platforms 1 & 3.


River valley behind timber trestle bridge.


brake mos

Mk 1 Brake, with main building behind



Scenic break girder bridges.



Moses cafe

Platform detail, with terraced houses appearing beyond the playing field in the background


Gated paddock by farmyard wall.



Lattice footbridge to island platform.


A part of the backscene leading up to one of the built up areas above the goods yard.

Moses sheeted

These sheeted loads in the yard area caught my eye & make a nice B/W view. The retaining walls and backscene above work well in this shot


This sky was done as a summer day, with large dissipating clouds without any wind.