Nowadays, the most convincing presentations of artificial environments are generated in digital reality booths or 3D goggles, but it used to be done the old fashioned way with panoramas where the viewer stood in the centre of a cylindrical painting.  A diorama is a partial panorama and can be more easily approached and presented.  Museum natural habitat displays tend to begin at full scale, whereas military, automobile and railway versions are miniature.

Here are a few examples of dioramas designed for railway collectors.

John 3

Dioramas can be made to any size, this one is a little over a metre long.

lee pat

Like backscenes, dioramas can make good use of forced perspective.


Dioramas can be done as indoor scenes if requested.

Interiors can still feature backscenes that are visible through the windows


This display case uses mirrors to provide a depth illusion at either end.

temple meads sunshine

Architectural components can be produced by the 3D printing process if necessary.

Temple Meads

This display case was made to accept standard and broad gauge exhibits.



Brunel designed bridge and balustraded section wall as part of a display diorama


A bogie single and four wheelers on display.