3D Backscenes

A 3D backscene is possible with enough space allowance, and these are capable of providing the most convincing illusion of distance for a model’s environment.

A gentle transition can be achieved between the model scale at the front, through a few focal layers, with the landscape features diminishing into a forced perspective grid.  The gradual transition develops from a 2D rear panel out into a 3D relief model.

Land, sea & sky from ruling layout scale to far distance.

3 trees

A 3D backscene using diminishing visual layers.

MarshDiorama6 copy

A layered backscene with different textures, and a distant skyline.

branch copy

Colours are always matched to the layout so there is a consistency in the landscape.

bucks hill yard

The trees in this scene are in three types of relief, low, semi and full. A painted rear panel represents the final distance layer.